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Saddle Fitting Services at HCS USA Saddlery
Our knowlegeable team of SMS Qualified Saddle Fitters travel to you to offer the following services: Bit Fitting and Evaluations, Bridle Fittings & Measurements, Saddle Fittings & Reflocking, Saddle Sales, Saddle Repairs, Side Saddle Fittings.
Saddlery Construction and Care at HCS USA Saddlery
  • Cleaning and caring for your equipment
  • Caring for your leather saddle
  • Construction of an English saddle
  • Saddle Registry
  • Tack in Focus
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Shop our online store today. We have a vast selection of top quality Saddles, Girths, Stirrups, Bridlework, Bits, Saddle Pads, Boot Wraps, Lunging Equipment, Saddle Fitting Kits, Studs, Accessories and more.

Welcome to HCS, USA Saddlery; Saddle Fitting Services & Sales

Our goal is to provide American riders with a professional saddle fitting experience as well as equipment equal to the quality selected by top English and European riders. Consequently, we do not stock tack that we feel falls short of workable competition standards. In our quest to provide the ultimate in custom saddlery equipment, we are quite open to innovation and will attempt to accommodate special requests. Design flexibility is one of the advantages of the fact that most of our saddles and bridles brands are custom or semi-custom crafted for our clients.

We have hand selected our tack and equipment such as girths, bits, boots, pads, and more with the same standards as our saddles. Many of our accessories are designed and tested by us in response to a problem.

HCS, USA Saddlery prides itself in being in business for over 30 years and having over 100 years of experiencenews. We carry several brands to suit a variety of our customers needs, to include; Albion Saddle Makers Ltd, Black Country Saddles, Fairfax Saddles Ltd, Hastilow & Sons Saddlery, Ideal Saddlery, Jefferies Saddles, Kent and Masters Saddles, Thorowgood Saddles, etc. As well as Concept and Fairfax Performance Bridles and bit brands Abbey, Beris, Fager and Neue Schule.  

HCS, USA Saddlery in addition to professional saddle fitting services, bridle fitting services and bit fitting services also offer sales on new and secondhand saddles, bridles and several brands of bits. We offer test rides and trials on a large range of our brands! Listed below are our current fees for services. Please contact the office at 240-835-5566 or fill details or email at with questions, photos and current tracings if possible. ​