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Side Saddle Fitting Services

​HCS,USA Saddlery offers both a full service mobile bridle fitting experience and/or a more limited online bridle fitting assessment. We are currently serving the eastern coast states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Additionally, we can make annual trips to Alaska, Michigan, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida for 20 clients or more. We are happy to travel to any location provided there are enough saddle, bridle and bit fittings needed in the area, please contact the office to schedule, 240-835-5566 9 am to 4 pm EST.

Side Saddle Fitting Services

HCS, USA Saddlery is the first Qualified Saddle Fitting Services to offer Side Saddle Fitting in the USA, our services include:

  • Refitting your current side saddle

  • Reflocking your current side saddle

  • Complete safety check for saddles, as these saddles are often over 100 years old (please note the average safe life for a well cared for leather saddle including fixtures and fittings is 25 years)

  • Small repairs & girth replacements

  • Leaping head extensions ​

  • New custom side saddles can be measured and ordered through us from tracing and measurements taken at appointments 

​Please realize that side saddle balancing is a completely different skill and takes more time to achieve. Refitting appointments will be a minimum time of 1.5 hours and so will be more expensive than standard astride appointments.

HCS, USA Saddlery in addition to professional saddle fitting services, bridle fitting services and bit fitting services also offer sales on new and secondhand saddles, bridles and several brands of bits. We offer test rides and trials on a large range of our brands! Listed below are our current fees for services. Please contact the office at 240-835-5566 or fill details or email at with questions, photos and current tracings if possible. 

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