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Bridle Fitting Services

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of HCS, USA Saddlery & Fittings to ensure our clients receive the most quality, reliable products possible while being provided the highest standard of independent saddlery fitting services. 

HCS,USA Saddlery offer both a full service mobile fitting experience and/or a more limited online saddle fitting assessment. We are currently serving the eastern coast states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Additionally we make annual trips to Alaska, Michigan, South Carolina, Kentucky and Florida. We are happy to travel to any location provided there are enough saddlery fittings needed in the area, please contact the office to schedule.

Full Service Bridle Fitting and Adjustments

HCS, USA Saddlery’s bridle fitting service offer several solutions to your bridle fitting issues. From our “a la carte” range where your measurements or ours ensure the fit is correct, to our specialist designed headpieces and brows for TMJ issues and jaw tension we have the widest choice of options for your bridle needs.  

  • We will visit your farm in our fitting area by appointment for a full service bridle assessment, measuring and consult.

  • We can help you to build an “a la carte” bridle to fit your horse exactly.

  • We will help you to design, order and fit a custom bridle of your choice, handmade for you by a SMS Qualified Master Bridle maker

  • We can assist with many types of repairs and adjustments needed to your existing bridle by one of our SMS Trained Bridle makers

  • We also offer an online or over the phone fitting service based on your information, measurements, and photos.  

Our Bridle Fitters are training through the Society of Master Saddlers.  They have attended the Society’s training and been certified to correctly fit and advise on problems and issues.

We fit and sell our own HCS,USA Saddlery “a la carte” handmade British bridles. Our Concept line of bridles feature our own special poll pressure relieving designed for horses with head issues.  as well as the full line of Fairfax Ltd custom Performance bridles and bridlework.

‚ÄčHCS, USA Saddlery in addition to professional saddle fitting services also offer sales on new and second hand saddles. We offer test rides and trials on a large range of saddle brands! Listed below are our current fees for services. Please contact the office at 240-835-5566 or fill details or email at with questions, photos and current tracings if possible


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