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Our Services

We fit professionally fit saddles, bridles, & bits.  At HCS, USA Saddlery it is our goal to improve the balance and comfort of your tack while advocating for you horse.  Our team of Society of Master Saddlers Master & Qualified Saddle Fitters and NOW QUALIFIED BRIDLE FITTERS travel to you to offer the following services:

Our team of master & qualified fitters develop and continue increasing their knowledge to enable your fitting to encompass every aspect of comfort while keeping your saddlery as sympathetic to your horse as possible. We have trained with the Society of Master Saddlers in Saddle Fitting; completing their training and passing their exams. We have trained with the Society of Master Saddlers in Bridle Fitting to have the best education in bridle design, adjustment and fitting; completing their training and passin their exams. Lastly, we have also been working to develop our level of understanding of the science of bitting through the Neue Schule Academy. Here we have passed levels of the program with distinction.

Our expertly trained master and qualified saddle fitters are waiting to help you today so please contact the office at or call 240-835-5566.