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Bit Assessment & Fitting Services

​HCS,USA Saddlery offers both a full service mobile bit fitting experience and/or a more limited online bit fitting assessment. We are currently serving the eastern coast states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Additionally, we can make annual trips to Alaska, Michigan, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida for 20 clients or more. We are happy to travel to any location provided there are enough saddle, bridle and bit fittings needed in the area, please contact the office to schedule, 240-835-5566 9 am to 4 pm EST.​

Complete Bit Assessment & Fitting Services

Mouth discomfort is one of the worst kinds of pain and distraction.  Horses have a small range of concentration at the best of times, so it is paramount that you chose the correct size, make, model, and design specifically to suit your horse’s mouth anatomy. Poor bit fit, the wrong type of bit for the mouth shape or use and the wrong purpose means your horse will be at the least distracted and at worse in pain.

HCS, USA Saddlery offer not only a Bit Bank called “lease-a-bit” which allows you the ability to trial several bits before you decide what works best for you and your horse, but also offer a complete Bit Fitting and Assessment service. Clients have several options;

  • Bit Fitting service as an “in person” visit; scheduled much like a saddle fitting appointment in our saddle fitting service area.  A full mouth assessment is written up along with a compete evaluation of all bits currently used, followed but professional fittings and test rides of any of our large stock of Abbey England Bits, Beris Bits, Fager Bits or Neue Schule Bits.   

  • Bitting Assessment service can also be done through email and phone as a questionnaire along with photos and video of the issues involved.  After our staff evaluate we provide educated feedback and suggestions on bits to trial.

  • Bit trials offered through HCS,USA Saddlery are through the lease-a-bit program, where you can trial several bits of our recommendation or your choice for 14 days.  Then keep what you like and return the ones not suitable for a small fee.

Our Bitting experts are qualified with the NS Academy, the only academic educational qualification in the world.  There are three levels to develop both the understanding of the mathematics and physics involved in bitting. In addition to, our experts also participate in ongoing research projects that both confirm and debunk the rules of bitting we have been taught.

HCS, USA Saddlery in addition to professional saddle fitting services, bridle fitting services and bit fitting services also offer sales on new and secondhand saddles, bridles and several brands of bits. We offer test rides and trials on a large range of our brands! Listed below are our current fees for services. Please contact the office at 240-835-5566 or fill details or email at with questions, photos and current tracings if possible. ​

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